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Advanced Passenger Information

 Text to Speech Announcement Systems




Upgrade travel hubs, add speech using data from visual display data  

Add high quality spoken words for ITS directly from existing PID messaging, digital signs and computer display data. 


Passengers have come to expect efficient and up-to-date transit facilities. Modern transit terminals, rail, bus and marine lines strive to meet these needs.  To support modernization of PIDS (Passenger Information Systems) modular Text to Speech hardware using High Definition speech offers straightforward retrofit upgrades. 

Deployments of Text to Speech at bus stops & rail platforms  benefit from real-time passenger information paging announcements created directly from the text data in scrolling from LED digital signs. Passengers, both blind or with limited sight can be accommodated with upgrades for ADA and Disability Compliance. Safety is enhanced by offering analog paging notification in areas that are served solely from digital systems. Advanced systems may include local radio (LPFM) broadcasts to announce departure and arrival information, aiding passengers arriving in parking areas.  

Voice Annunciation Systems (VAS) - & Bus & Rail Announcements   on vehicles gives on-board next-stop automatic voice announcements in English, (and Spanish) of major transfer points, landmarks and safety advisories. This insures that vehicles are compliant with ADA regulations for automated audio and visual stop location information. Voice annunciation technology enhances the travel experience for riders by keeping them informed of their current location. Train Announcement, Rail Announcement and Bus Announcement Systems automates on-board passenger bus announcements to upcoming stops,  coordinated with LED signage on board the bus

TextSpeak Embedded Text-To-Speech modules series convert ASCII text to a natural, clear voice with unlimited vocabulary. The small footprint, plug-in solution accepts wide range of input data to generate real-time speech. Intelligent interface provides seamless speech from data, Digital Signage, Digital Signs, Marquee and Scrolling LED signs.

Convert in-house, deployments of scrolling LED displays, signs and signage directly to voice for Mass notification and passenger information systems.

Improve display emergency notifications, digital signage override, desktop alerting with  text-to-speech voice annunciation over public address systems.


Designed from the ground up to support transportation, the TTS-EM meets the most demanding specifications.

  • Speech may be created from existing sources, such as feeds to scrolling LED digital signage, modems and low-bandwidth data links.

  • Informational alerts can be pre-programmed and started with the push of a button or launched remotely by automated systems.

  • Moving vehicles can offer dynamic next-stop announcement information from existing display signage data, or dynamic radio data.


  • Multi-lingual announcements can be easily generated, with precise accents, to speak directly to international travelers. 

  • Audio messaging can be queued for sequential delivery. Real time text can be supplemented with pre-recorded messages, tones or even music.

  • Deployment is suited for parking, platforms, trams, buses, gates, rail, marine and roadway systems.


TextSpeak TTS-EM-LP deployed city-wide in Paris. 2000 bus-stop signs now talk!

Florida transit upgrades 350 buses with TextSpeak onboard announcements

NYC and Boston deploy Modules for Passenger information at stations

Text to Speech for Passenger Information PIDS announcements

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Passenger announcements created directly from Digital Signage visual data   

Learn more about ADA and Disability solutions for Transit bus and rail systems  

Language support



Multilanguage / Multilingual : Arabic, Spanish Catalan,  Chinese, Danish Dutch English (UK)  English (US)  Finnish French French (Canadian) German Greek Japanese, Korean, Italian  Norwegian  Scottish Portuguese Spanish (North America) Swedish.   

    Passinger Information Announcement System                 



TTS-EM may be purchased direct and online

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High definition embedded speech generation for kiosks, POS, ATM, elevators, and mass notification.  RS232 to TTS, Serial to TTS, Multilingual Embedded Text To Speech Module, Text to Speech Conversion for transportation, signage, notification, emergency, robotics and warning systems. Affordable alternative to quality products from  Winbond and Epson.

Driver Information Systems, Email/SMS Readers, GPS/Navigation Systems, Machine accessories, Mass Notification TTS  Hobby and experiment, Smart Pagers, Products for visually, speech and mobility impaired individuals and OEM applications. Embedded Text to Speech and Embedded TTS


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Basic product description and keys: Embedded  text to speech module ,  TTS  semiconductor, module, embedded, IC integrated circuit, micro controller, module, embedded speech synthesis, speech, talking robot module, text-to-speech. International  TTS chip set inputs text, generates voice and speech.. Low cost, unlimited vocabulary, designed for consumer, automotive and mobile OEM and vertical markets. Modules available. TextSpeak Series of  speech synthesizer IC chip modules.

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