Talking keyboard  and  Text to speech for mobility, speech, and assisted living. 

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Talking keyboard, Talking Caller ID  and  Text to speech for mobility, speech, and assisted living.


Voice Aids for Acoustic neuroma
Speech Aids for Bulbar palsy
Voice Aids for Cerebral palsy
Speech Aids for Cerebrovascular accident
Voice Aids for Danazol
Speech Aids for Diastrophic dwarfism
Voice Aids for Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis
Speech Aids for Dornase alfa
Voice Aids for Elongated styloid process
Speech Aids for Gerhardt syndrome
Voice Aids for Gestrinone
Speech Aids for Goitre
Voice Aids for Hypothyroidism
Speech Aids for Laryngeal carcinoma
Voice Aids for Laryngeal granuloma
Speech Aids for Laryngitis
Voice Aids for Laryngomalacia
Speech Aids for Lipoid proteinosis
Voice Aids for Motor neuron disease
Speech Aids for Myasthenia gravis
Voice Aids for Nasal polyps
Speech Aids for Oral submucous fibrosis
Voice Aids for Oropharyngeal cancer
Speech Aids for Paracoccidioidomycosis
Speech Aids for Parathyroid carcinoma
Voice Aids for Pituitary tumour (growth hormone secreting)
Speech Aids for Polymyositis
Voice Aids for Posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome
Speech Aids for Quinsy
Speech Aids for Reinke's oedema
Speech Aids for Rheumatoid disease
Voice Aids for Riedel thyroiditis
Voice Aids for Singer's nodes
Voice Aids for Thyroid carcinoma
Voice Aids for Tracheolaryngobronchitis