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Text to Speech announcement systems for PIDS, Next-Stop and Digital Signage to Audio  

Transportation - Mass Notification 
Alert Systems - Passenger Information

Convert visual display data to speech instantly!

High quality synthesized spoken words for ITS directly from existing PIDS messaging, digital signs and computer display data.

   Human Sounding Text to Speech Peripheral Targets Passenger Information Systems, Arrival/Departure, Vehicle Next-Stop, Platforms, Travel Hubs  more


TextSpeak TTS-EM Text-To-Speech annunciators and intelligent interfaces convert data-streams to speech for Digital Signage, Digital Signs, Marquees and Scrolling LED signs. The small footprint, plug-in solution accepts wide range of input data to generate real-time speech in a clear, human sounding voice.

Common integrations deliver real-time synchronized ADA complaint audio and voice for LED displays, signs and signage for Mass notification and Passenger Information Systems.

The TTS-EM series offers 24 languages and uses an integrated text decoder for managing and converting the existing data streamed to Rail, Bus and Air information systems.  

The generated speech may be played by speakers mounted within the display, on external speakers or routed to a paging system. Optional push buttons may accommodate a “push-to-listen” option to support disabilities needs such as those of sight impaired passengers. 

The EM-EN set will  include options for integrated 20-Watt amplifiers, playback from stored files, speech generation that is timed with signage updates, or generated while the sign is fixed to a static display. Data information is collected via both RS-232 and several other data protocols, including Ethernet.

  • Generate announcements at silent transit hubs, supplement existing systems 

  • Add Next-Stop information and exterior announcements to bus and trams

  • Offer Arrival Departure audio using existing digital signage data content

  • Improve safety, accessibility and passenger movement

  • Proven technology, installs simply, affordably. Contact us for case studies

  • Seamless switching voice selection in over 20 languages

  • Deploy with flexible installation and feature options  

  • Support ADA and NFPA Compliance with highly intelligible voices


  Notification and PID Audio

Announcements from Sign Data

Disability Assistance

TTS-EM board products accept RS-232 signaling. Enclosure models will include Ethernet and integrated audio power amplifiers.  Mini-board modules scale from low cost to a choice of high definition OEM MULTI-LANGUAGE models. 

Text to Speech Announcement Products for Mass Transit Systems



Sub-system modules and  boards  details
TTS-EN-RS  Serial RS232/422, 20 watt amp
Speakers with/without integrated electronics
TTS-EN-IP Text to Speech, Ethernet




Next Stop 
Mass notification
Signage to voice

Multi Language Custom Software API
I2Ear RS-232 Economy Speech Enclosure

Language support

Multilanguage / Multilingual : Arabic, Spanish Catalan,  Chinese, Danish Dutch English (UK)  English (US)  Finnish French French (Canadian) German Greek Japanese, Korean, Italian  Norwegian  Scottish Portuguese Spanish (North America) Swedish.   

Sample Audio - click here >>  


U.S. English sample. Contact us for additional audio clips!


 details   TTS-EM-HD Product Details 

Links for Digital Signage Manufacturers and Suppliers

TTS-EM may be purchased direct and online

For ordering, multilingual voice samples,
pricing drawings and technical details


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High definition embedded speech generation for kiosks, POS, ATM, elevators, and mass notification.  RS232 to TTS, Serial to TTS, Multilingual Embedded Text To Speech Module, Text to Speech Conversion for transportation, signage, notification, emergency, robotics and warning systems. Affordable alternative to quality products for Passenger Information and Display System (PIDS) in ITS Systems

Driver Information Systems, Email/SMS Readers, GPS/Navigation Systems, Machine accessories, Mass Notification TTS  Hobby and experiment, Smart Pagers, Products for visually, speech and mobility impaired individuals and OEM applications. Embedded Text to Speech and Embedded TTS


Push to Listen

Talking Signs



Mass notification

Signage to  audio

Disability Aids

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Basic product description and keys: Embedded  text to speech module ,  TTS  semiconductor, module, embedded, IC integrated circuit, micro controller, module, embedded speech synthesis, speech, talking robot module, text-to-speech. International  TTS chip set inputs text, generates voice and speech.. Low cost,  designed for consumer, automotive and mobile OEM and vertical markets. Modules available. TextSpeak Series of  speech synthesizer IC chip modules.

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