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Speech synthesis - TTS for Mass Transit and Transportation  
Slideshow Image 1    Audio for passenger information systems
Passenger Information Text to Speech    Products to help people speak
Digital Signage Text to Speech Mass Transit     Multi-lingual Digital Signage to Speech
Talking Keyboard Text to Speech     Call station announcements in Health Care
Mass Notification Text to Speech     Audio Notification and Security alerts
Text to Speech Chips   World Class Text to Speech innovation

Text to Speech products for 
information announcements

Talking speech aids serving
healthcare and special needs

Audio notification systems



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TextSpeak Design Group,  a leader in SMS Text to Voice and Email Text to Speech AAC audio technology, develops and manufactures high quality human sounding, advanced voice speech synthesis and embedded standalone Text to Speech modules. Products include Industrial standalone board level products with multi-language, multilingual EM IC Series Text to Speech and TTS modules for Digital Signage and Information Displays in Passenger Information Systems for  Mass Transit Notification Alerts .

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