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Tell A Phone(tm) 
vDot® enabled Telephony voice dialing software provides instant voice activated dialing upgrade to existing phones and wireless headsets

Tell A Phone Windows® software enables the consumer to Voice Dial from any phone is a household or small office environment. By connecting one Voice Dial Manager or vDot® capable modem to a single PC, every phone connected to a single line is instantly Voice Dialing enabled! Pick up any phone , wait for the dialtone, say a name, and instantly have it dialed for you.

In your 2nd floor bedroom and can't remember a number? -just say a name.

Can't remember the babysitters number? -say a name. Need to order Pizza? -say a name. Tell A Phone uses patented vDot technology, only available from Digital Acoustics Corporation.

WORKS THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME Pick up ANY phone, listen for dialtone, and just speak a name !

FOR EVERYONE Advanced voice technology recognizes everyone in your family. No training is needed!

NO REWIRING Use ALL your existing telephones and existing wiring. Works on analog phone lines, including lines supporting DSL. Works with existing telephone, headsets, and even provides HANDSFREE voice dialing

RECOGNITION IS AUTOMATIC Simply add a name and number to
Tell A Phone's Voice Dialing directory, that's it !

EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY Tell A Phone uses our patented dialing technique. We invented it and no other product can do what Tell A Phone does !

USE YOUR PC PHONEBOOK Enter names directly or use our powerful import features to use data from ACT!®, Outlook®, Goldmine®, Organizer® and even SprintPCS®.

RECORD CALL ACTIVITIES Track and record ALL your called numbers, from EVERY phone, in our call log.

POP-UP CALLER ID Integrated Caller ID support provides powerful Voice Dialing support.

INTERNET SUPPORT Our eDial support can preload changing numbers such as Movie listings. Get program updates and new versions online automatically.

COMPLETE AND READY TO USE Incorporate vDot® technology, or use our existing vDot® Voice Dial Manager


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