Textspeak speech and voice synthesis chip IC module.

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OEM Voice Dial Manager 
vDot® enabled USB-Telephony interface
  • Digital Acoustics' multi platform USB-Telco bridge includes a vDot interface for speech recognition.

  • Audio codec, call logging, hook status signaling,  Caller ID,  line monitoring functions and more...

  • Multiple devices supported  --USB drivers automatically create 'Virtual Comm Ports' (VCP) providing support of up to 20 devices on a single USB platform, such as a PC.

  • Onboard Codec  --PCM 8bit/8khz audio supported. Read and write audio directly to a PC or MAC "wav" file, or any embedded processor.

  • DTMF Encode -- Telephone dialing tones, and customs tone generation, with variable durations.

  • DTMF Decode -- Run time decoding of DTMF digits.

  • Caller ID Type 1-- Caller ID decoder onboard.

  • Distinctive Ring decoding of cadence for US and International Ring types.

  • Industry standard "AT" communication protocol -  Embedded communication language provides direct PC access using  modem command and control protocol.

  • vDot® compliant interface for speech recognition--  Support for voice activated dialing included in the operating system.

  • Full hardware design kits  include schematics, layouts and interfaces for a wide range of host interconnects and phone systems.

  • Compliance tested and approved. FCC (Part 15/ Part 68) and DOC approved design. International approvals for select countries available on request.

  • USB drivers for Win98/ME/XP/2000/MAC/Linux.

Source code license available: Modem features like AT command set, DTMF decode, Caller ID, Ring detect and audio I/O for PIC16F876 PIC16F73 /PIC16F873 series. Integration of caller Identification (CallerID) FSK, AT command set and PC connectivity via serial and USB design. Hardware design, international telephony and PTT approval experience.


information on vDot® patent technology is  here


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