textspeak-notify-logo-800TextSpeak NOTIFY!™ Out-of-box solution makes it possible for smaller campuses to include a powerful, yet affordable, mass notification system that can be installed and managed by non-technical staff. The complete system includes all the components and connectivity needed to provide emergency notification for staff, students, parents and the local emergency services.

Everything you need, all included:
• earBridge™ paging amplifier – choice Cellular, WiFi or Ethernet
• TextSpeak NOTIFY! Mass Notification software suite
• One-Touch NOTIFY! emergency pendant
• Web based cloud management tools
• Interfaces for existing PA or optional speakers
• Options: Additional pendants and earBridge Amplifiers
• Affordable, easy to install and manage
• Notify staff, pupils, parents and emergency services
• Optionally pre-programmed from Verizon Wireless™

Audio Announcements Over Speakers
Connect phones, tablets, browsers with the TextSpeak NOTIFY! app to the earBridge text to speech amplifier. SMS text alerts from phones are converted to high-definition speech for on-campus announcements, either connecting to existing PA systems or directly connected to its own loudspeaker.

Mobile Applications
TextSpeak NOTIFY! mobile applications launch with a one-
button, programmable Emergency push alert, and then
defaults to a set of instant application announcements.

Pendant Events
As a powerful option, an emergency pendant is included
to trigger instant announcements. The pendants may be
given to one administrator or expanded to include the
entire teaching staff so that emergency notifications can save precious seconds at the push of a button



Focus on Mass Notification by Application (download PDF)

Focus on Campus Safety.  NOTIFY! one box complete solution for K12.  Includes Amplifiers, Software, Apps  DOWNLOAD

Focus on Building and Facilities.  NOTIFY!  expands & scales to keep staff, customers & employees informed by authorized personnel in an instant!  DOWNLOAD

Focus on Publics Spaces  NOTIFY!  can be added to nightclubs, theaters and city events, protecting visitors and guests with instant cellular notifications.  DOWNLOAD

Focus on Government  NOTIFY!  is available with secure, authenticated & trusted IP connections for Military and Government voice notifications.  DOWNLOAD

How to purchase  NOTIFY! and trials.

NOTIFY! ships ready to go. Simply decide on the right  earBridge interface, Cellular, Ethernet or WIFI and give us a call. You can order online or ask for a qualified 30 day trial. We will then get you setup on our portal at www.earbridge.com so you can configure your messaging and download our free mobile apps. Once you receive your earBridge amplifier and power it, you’re DONE!.   You will have installed the industry’s most sensible solution for Mass Notification for Campus, Building, Government or general Safety available today.  Click here to give us a call

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