Choosing models ... lets start with , "why choose TextSpeak?"

Features Price

  TextSpeak is the only product series sold today that is flexible, simple to use and  affordable.   We offer a 30 day refund policy. We allow you to choose the right keyboard, one that fits your needs, and we are affordable. 

Our products are often 70-90% less expensive than other keyboard based solutions. We can offer this price without compromise of durability, warranty and support. Every product is assembled and tested here, in the USA.


What can the TextSpeak Speaker do?

The TS-04 speaker can talk. It is a sophisticated high-definition speaker with an integrated processor that can generate speech directly from keyboard keystrokes. Speech is automatically started when the Enter key is pressed on a connected keyboard. 

The TS-04 has a built-in 2.4 GHZ wireless receiver AND a side mounted USB port. This permits compatibility width virtually ANY keyboard of choice. We offer 3 keyboards as a standard complement. Each is designed to target  specific  typing needs and skills.





Keyboard W - Standard Keyboard  LK - Large Key Standard Keyboard with 2nd Palm sized Keyboard 
Keyboard Description Small footprint, wireless portable keyboard  Large key, extra wide
oversized keyboard
Includes 2 keyboard. Use one for travel!
Speaker &  Keyboard Image

ships with 2nd standard
 size "W" keyboard

compare keyboards

Keyboard Size 12" wide, portable with standard sized keys 20" wide, 
 with  1" square keys
Palm keyboard has 
4" wide typing area
Connection Wireless  2.4 GHZ Wireless  2.4 GHZ 2 keyboards, both Wireless 
Keyboard Power 2 AAA Cells  2 AAA Cells Internal battery and USB charger on Palm
Programmable phrases

30 User defined phrases may be programmed for permanent storage. Each phrase is  spoken with a key combination of one or two key-presses. Key used are  F1-10 ' ALT+F1-F10, CTRL+F1-F10

Voices User selectable English & Spanish language. User selectable Male and Female voices
Speaker Power

9 Volt internal standard alkaline battery, or via  included AC adaptor.

Warranty 1 Year
Applications The "W" is our most popular model, perfect for Adults and Seniors who can type on a standard  computer sized keyboard. A great choice for laryngectomy, throat cancer and post operative patients The "LK" keyboard is a Super sized keyboard suited for users with limited mobility and typing ability, such as patients with  stroke and moderate ALS. A great entry level AAC device  The 'Palm" phone sized micro keyboard offers on-the-go mobility. Tiny keys require typing skills used for phone text messaging  (both good vision and dexterity). Ships with standard "W" key in a 2 keyboard combo pack  
Package Prices $529


$619  (2 Key Combo)
includes "W" key and Mini



TS04-2K (2 KEY)