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audio speech voice annunciator for alarm and security systems




Available in a tamper proof metal housing


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Board level 
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TextSpeak(tm) Talking  Speaker Image   

Audio voice annunciator
 with integrated speech
synthesis system!

Alerts and announcements by voice, from plain text


Compact speech synthesis speaker with integrated Text-to-Speech converts data information to voice!


     sorry, this specific product is no longer available

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  • SIMPLE ... accepts RS-232 or wireless data, just plug in, send data and listen!
  • EASY ... set up in seconds, internal processor and memory pre-configured.
  • FLEXIBLE ... ... goes anywhere, unlimited English vocabulary, converts text directly to voice, accepts streaming data and speaks the text out loud.

The TextSpeak speech synthesis annunciator accepts data from multiple sources, such as  serial RS-232, wireless data or IRDA signaling. As an added feature, the TTS-03-SPL accepts a standard PS-2 data to provide speech programming to internal memory directly from a standard PC keyboard. This unique feature provides ability to setup specific phrases in the field that can be triggered by digital signals, including common X10 control signals.

Configuration modes provide setup for speech in discrete word, or full sentence mode, based on user-invoked control codes. Speed and volume of speech are also digitally controlled. Streaming text is managed by integrated serial flow control.

Wide applications for security annunciators and home automation include information reporting, telephony messaging and voice announcements generated directly from typing text in a control center.


What comes in  the box? 
The latest version of or  TextSpeak™ speaker,  with power supply and cable for connection to
an RS-232 serial data and standard PS-2 keyboard.

Can my spoken events be conditional or include macros?
Yes, speech and volume and sequences of phrases can combined using serial text streams.TextSpeak block diagram available at www.textspeak.com

How does it work?
TextSpeak uses the same exclusive 
Digital Acoustics®
technology that we
developed for the special needs community. 
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Are  there companion products available?
Yes, you can purchase a PC interface kit that will allow programming and storing your Talking Speaker phrases using Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP. This is convenient when you want to set up multiple Talking  Speakers or duplicate common phrases. More companion products will be released in 2003!

Can I develop my own TextSpeak talking solution  for my company?
Yes, a module  incorporating TextSpeak technology is also available. The TextSpeak Design Tool includes a single module and motherboard with connectors for a complete development kit. System designers can use the modules to integrate TextSpeak into existing enclosures, speakers and product platforms... more info

sorry, this specific product is no longer available


     sorry, this specific product is no longer available

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TextSpeak voice alarm annunciators and speech annunciators interface to panel alarms and panel annunciators. Textspeak manufacturers of annunciators with speech synthesis and text-to-speech. Products for security system voice annunciators and talking speakers for alarm  systems. Talking embedded talking caller, id talking caller id, RC  and sensory systems. Alternative for DoubleTalk speech output internal speech card or external externally speech output device. Speech Generating Device. audible alarm, and security system voice annunciation, industrial audible alarm, and programmable voice synthesizer for security. Other information and links can be found at Seekirk, Halmar and SelTrol annunciators.