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Case Studies

Customer Stories

Universities & Government facilities deploy for Safety and Alerts

TextSpeak earBridge™  Text To Speech Amplifiers are now integrated to improve safety at the University of Arizona and Industrial sites

TextSpeak in NYC, LA and European Bus Stops

In 2017 TextSpeak TTS-EM modules have been integrated to announce passenger information across New York City (DOT) and Los Angeles

New hospital improves Urgent Care Alerts with TextSpeak

TextSpeak TTS-ENC2 version 3.7 is now online interfacing with SPOK Nurse Call stations. TextSpeak is receiving text based alerting from

TextSpeak online at IndyGO transit hub

TextSpeak has been added to bus stops at the new Indianapolis Julia M. Carson Transit Center hub. With its close

TextSpeak in the New York Subway system

-New York Transit selects TextSpeak for Passenger Audio TextSpeak has been incorporated with the the New York Subways latest upgrades