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High definition, world-language best-in-class
Text To Speech
modules and boards

Single unit and OEM pricing available for  multi-voice, ready to ship languages.  Now in 24 languages! 

Mass notification

Signage Audio

Human interface

Security Systems

Unlimited vocabulary embedded Text to Speech  modules convert text to high quality synthesized spoken words!

TTS-EM compatible High Definition TTS with audio player supports wave file playback and exclusive TextSpeak Technology 




A full featured TTS-EM Text to Speech processor  with a universal RS-232 interface to connect to 'everything'. 5 Volt powering & easy to access connections.  

1 Watt Audio Amp
with Line Out





EM Processor with smart audio amplifier for direct connect to audio paging systems and high volume speaker arrays.

9-24vdc, RS-232
with Digital I/O
3-25 w audio amp
with Line Out
Ambient noise auto-leveling





Dual 25 watt Amplifiers, Mobile Powering for Transit Systems and both Serial and Ethernet connectivity, Digital I/O supports keypads and relays.

9-36vdc, Ethernet
Serial,  Digital I/O
3-25 w audio amp
with Line Out
Ambient noise auto-leveling





Basic HD High Definition Text to Speech technology supports OEM development and high volume integrations. Easy to deploy interface eases integration.

RS-232 & UART
1 Watt Audio Amp
with Line Out
20 Pin (10x1) Interconnect





A full featured EM module with 3.3 volt operation and sophisticated power management for low power and solar applications.

RS-232 & UART
1 Watt Audio Amp
with Line Out
20 Pin (10x1) Interconnect





Non-HD Text to Speech supports English & Spanish for cost sensitive designs. with quantity pricing at under $100

 voice demo

Play audio (requires Adobe Flash)
RS-232 & UART
1 Watt Audio Amp
with Line Out
16 Pin (8x1) Interconnect




All of the modular designs shown above are also available in industrialized enclosures suited for mounting and harsh environments. Click below for more information on TTS-EN products family.


 EN Series


2014 Speech and TTS Product Selection Guide

World TTS Language support

Multilanguage / Multilingual : Arabic, Spanish Catalan,  Chinese, Danish, Dutch English (UK),  English (US),  Finnish,   French, 

French (Canadian), German, Hungarian Japanese, Korean, Italian,  Norwegian,  Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (North America) Swedish. 





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Text to Speech Chip Set and Integrated Circuits

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High definition embedded speech generation for kiosks, POS, ATM, elevators, and mass notification.  RS232 to TTS, Serial to TTS, Multilingual Embedded Text To Speech Module, Text to Speech Conversion for transportation, signage, notification, emergency, robotics and warning systems

Driver Information Systems, Email/SMS Readers, GPS/Navigation Systems, Machine accessories, Mass Notification TTS  Hobby and experiment, Smart Pagers, Products for visually, speech and mobility impaired individuals and OEM applications. Embedded Text to Speech and Embedded TTS


Alarm and security

Radio repeater

Industrial status

ATM  interfaces

Mass notification

Signage to  audio

Rail Systems 

Assistive speech 

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Basic product description and keys: Embedded  text to speech module ,  TTS  semiconductor, module, embedded, IC integrated circuit, chips, chip  module, embedded speech synthesis, speech, talking robot module, text-to-speech. International  TTS chip set inputs text, generates voice and speech.. Low cost, unlimited vocabulary, designed for consumer, automotive and mobile OEM and vertical markets. Modules available. TextSpeak Series of  speech synthesizer IC chip modules.

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