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About Us


TextSpeak Design Group is a specialized division of Digital Acoustics Corporation, founded in 1992.

Our team can trace its beginnings to Touchbase Design and Touchbase Systems where we pioneered the  first portable modem technology leading into the Internet era. In 1991 the Touchbase brand was acquired and our products transitioned into the 3COM brand. We hold unique patents and patents pending in Voice Dialing and Speech technology. Additional assets include award winning products, platforms and proprietary software algorithms. 

Today, TextSpeak is the world's leading provider of multi-language embedded Text to Speech products. We are also the largest US supplier of ATM speech upgrade solutions, helping financial institutions meet American Disabilities Act guidelines.

We continue to push forward anticipating customer future needs. In 2012 we have created a patent pending solution for volume control and new speech platforms. In 2015 we added 'smart-amp' high-definition 25 watt power technology, Ethernet I/O, ultra-low power modes, remote management and more. For 2017 we are on track to release new products that will offer technology ranging from speech recognition to  wireless connectivity.

The TextSpeak Design Group is a leader speech technology focusing on turning TTS science and speech technology into practical products for industry and consumer applications. The Design Group targets efforts towards creating assistive products for the people who need them at an affordable cost. 

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Please visit  http://www.textspeak.com/about-us/


  Some of our Milestones:  


New York Times recognizes Tell A Phone® voice dialing design

     “… technology the way it’s supposed to work..”  Technology ‘Circuits’ review

NASA Space Shuttle mission deploys TextSpeakTM  TTS voice module sky high

     Shuttle Discovery Mission STS-116; Radar Fence Transponder (RAFT) 

Best of Show awards at MAC World and AVIOS awarded for product designs

      MAC World Best of Show, AVIOS Speech Convention Best of Show

TextSpeak technology supports our Military

      TTS-EM-HD2 technology showcased for use in IED detection systems


This page has been updated. 


Please visit  http://www.textspeak.com/about-us/


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