TextSpeak earBridge Brochure PDF - click to download

TextSpeak Notify!

PDFTextSpeak Notify! Mass Notification White Papers NEW!

Mass Notification and Alert Systems White Paper

Voice / Video Samples  

video Video sample demo, U.S. Susan   TTS-EM-ENx  

  audio demos  Multi-Language voice samples  TTS-EM-HDx 


RS-232/TCPIP File Transfer Utility for EM Series

Windows Applications

Ultility   em-Xfer File Transfer Utility (.Exe only  80kb)  (.zip)

Ultility   em-Xfer File Transfer Utility (Full Setup 5.3mb ) (.msi)

  PDF em-Xfer Documentation

PC Command Line and Programmers Source

Utility  Command Line Executable (PC/DOS)

  PDF Command Line Serial Transfer (Documentation)

Hardware Upgrades/ Firmware


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