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 Text to Voice for Emergency Mass notification Announcements

Text to Voice


Alerts and Emergency

SMS , Email Messaging

Security Systems

Standalone Email Reader

Wireless Text to Speech...  delivered anywhere from everywhere

Alerts, Notifications, and Emergency Warning Announcement Systems
Delivering a clear and informative audio stream to.... anywhere ...in 25 languages

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High definition standalone email reader reads emails aloud text to voice for kiosks, POS, ATM, elevators, and mass notification.  RS232 to TTS, Serial to TTS, Multilingual Embedded Text To Speech and SMS to Voice  Modules, Text to Speech Conversion for voice announcements, reading and speaking  text in transportation, signage, notification, emergency, robotics and warning systems

Driver Information Systems, Email/SMS Readers, GPS/Navigation Systems, Machine accessories, Mass Notification TTS  Hobby and experiment, Smart Pagers, Wireless SMS and Email Messaging delivered instantly for Mass Notification, Security and Emergency Systems. i2E product convert messaging and email Text to Speech (TTS)  directly to audio for warning systems in Campus, Education, Public Areas.



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Basic product description and keys: Embedded  text to speech reader  , speech synthesizer in a box reads emails out loud  TTS  semiconductor, module, embedded, IC integrated circuit, chips, chip  module, embedded speech synthesis, speech, talking robot module, text-to-speech. International  TTS chip set inputs text, generates voice and speech.. Low cost, unlimited vocabulary, designed for consumer, automotive and mobile OEM and vertical markets. Modules available. TextSpeak Series of  speech synthesizer IC chip modules.

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