Transit Passenger Announcements

Passenger Information, Parking & Rail announcements & onboard Buses.

Security & Mass Notification

Mass Notification and Security, including applications for earBridge™

Fire & Safety Announcements

Fire Panels, Evacuation planning and life safety announcements.

Talking Visual LED Signage

Signs that talk for every vertical markets ; Transit, shopping malls and industry.

Kiosk, Industrial, SCADA, ATM

Automation (ATE), logging, Kiosks, ATM, Radio, White goods, Consumer, SCADA,

Hospitals, Healthcare and EMS

Nurse Call stations, ER and EMS Radio Alerts, Code Blue, Message to Paging

Emergency Alerts, RSS, Weather, SAP

Networked and cellular models models speak data feeds  in real time.

Talk Keyboards, Products for Disability

– TextSpeak Consumer –
Talking Keyboards web site