Audio Notifications for Fire Safety

Convert text data to speech

Send text to create Fire Panel audio Announcements. Launch pre-recorded wave files remotely.
Access safety systems via cellular backup.

In an emergency, when it is critical to alert the general public about a fire, deploying text to speech technology from TextSpeak, either on its own or supplementing existing systems, can help to save lives.

TextSpeak text to speech paging and audio amplifiers automate SMS and email announcements, and deliver announcements, evacuation alerts and emergencies over audio to public areas. Text data can be sourced from Serial, Ethernet, Cellular SMS, Wi-fi, Email, POP, FTP, HTTP or the cloud.

The new and innovative earBridge TTS-CE-US Cellular text to speech amplifier can receive secure SMS text messages from any phone allowing fire and police personnel to send high definition speech alerts to buildings under threat.

The TTS-CE-US can be integrated into PA and security systems or can be used as a standalone system with its own 25W power amplifier in areas not served by existing systems.

SMS Fire Safety Alerts

Other earBridge amplifier products can be installed for applications where Ethernet or Serial data needs to be converted to speech. All earBridge products support up to 25 languages and include audio line outputs for connecting to PA systems as well as a power amp output for direct connection to their own speakers.

Where there are installed LED displays the earBridge TTS-ENC1 Serial Text to Speech Amplifier can take the sign’s RS-232 feed and convert it to high definition speech. This has the advantage of reaching all persons in an area as opposed to only those that can see the sign.

Emergency Alert LED

TextSpeak OEM Modules and boards can be integrated with existing systems, including fire panels, to add intelligent spoken alerts to the system.

6 different OEM modules and boards are available for different applications. We are happy to work with integrators and manufacturers to help select the most appropriate module.

Fire Alam Panel

earBridge Amplifiers and OEM modules also have applications in fire stations where the requirement is to add voice alerts and announcements for station staff from existing text data.

Options could include integration with existing PA systems or adding separate speakers driven directly from the earBridge amplifiers since each of the earBridge modules include both analog audio line out or 25 Watt speaker outputs. The earBridge TTS-ENC2 Ethernet text to speech amplifier is probably the most useful for this application.

Fire Station

Designed from the ground up to support all applications, earBridge TTS amplifiers meet the most demanding specifications.

  • Speech may be created from existing sources, such as feeds to scrolling LED digital signage, modems and low-bandwidth data links.
  • Informational alerts can be pre-programmed and started with the push of a button or launched remotely by automated systems.
  • Fire safety officials can have direct SMS access to paging systems
  • Multi-lingual announcements can be easily generated, with precise accents, to speak directly to international travelers.
  • Audio messaging can be queued for sequential delivery. Real time text can be supplemented with pre-recorded messages, tones or even music.
  • Deployment is suited for any facility from schools to governmemt and corporate building even if there is no existing public address system