Embedded text to speech for
Health Care & Medical Dispatch Centers

Nurse Call Stations and Alert Systems

Unify communications with audio notifications from existing medical dispatch nurse call software and visual display data. Now includes TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol) support to enable Paging to Voice (announced SMS).

Targeted to deploy with unified hospital communications, the stand-alone package requires only a single digital input signal to produce spoken audio.

The conversion text data to a clear, natural sounding voice is completely automatic. TextSpeak’s real-time audio announcements support direct input from nurse call medical dispatch systems  in over 20 languages

Medical Facility

Real-time dispatch information, alerts and security warnings can be spoken from computer message queues, streaming data or directly from typed text.

The TextSpeak integrated audio amplifiers deliver synthesized sound to paging systems, radio and video channels, or directly to a single speaker.

TAP Protocol compatibility includes systems from West-Comm, Tektone, Spok, Rauland GE, Simplex, Telecor, Dukane and other widely used nurse call dispatch systems.

Hospital Corridor

Medical call centers dispatch may supplement SMS, beeper and text displays to a clear and understandable voicedirectly to doctors, nurses and EMS staff.

The new earBridge TTS-CE-US Cellular text to speech amplifier provides high definition voices spoken within seconds from SMS texted from any Cell Phone. RSS and other data feed may be monitored and spoken as they appear on the Cloud

Safety is also enhanced when used to supplement existing public address systems.

Doctor Text Message

Mass notification, emergency messages and nurse call TAP pager messages can be sent and broadcast from EMS dispatch and nurse call stations. Digital signage can be automatically upgraded to include audio announcements.

In addition, patients with disabilities, both blind or with limited sight can be accommodated with audio announcements.

Emergency Alert LED

Designed from the ground up to support a complete professional communication system, the TTS-EM scales to meet the most demanding specifications

  • Informational alerts can be pre-programmed and started with the push of a button or launched remotely by automated systems.
  • Emergency vehicles can offer dynamic announcement information transmitted by radio, from stored data, or updated locally from a keyboard
  • Multi-lingual announcements can be easily generated, with precise accents, to speak directly to international visitors and patients
  • Audio messaging can be queued for sequential delivery. Real time text can be supplemented with pre-recorded messages or tones.
  • Deployment is suited for hospitals, nursing facilities, parking systems, elevators and public areas.
  • Audio messaging can be queued for sequential delivery. Real time text can be supplemented with pre-recorded messages, tones or even music.

Sample audio click here…. [audioplayer file=”http://www.textspeak.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/tts_em_med.mp3″ bg=”ff7f1a” leftbg=”ff7f1a” lefticon=”294781″ track=”ff1b2c” tracker=”ffff00″ text=”000000″ righticon=”294781″ width=”300″ rightbg=”408080″ volslider=”ffffff” skip=”ffffff”]


Once you’ve added our announcement amplifier for your call station, consider adding Mass Notification to your facility with TextSpeak Notify! as a software upgrade.   Learn more here