TextSpeak can integrate with SCADA alert systems, CATV systems, CVCC audio requirements, radio and weather alerts

Are you ready for the new FCC secondary audio program (SAP) and 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010?  On November 30, 2015 the FCC will require all television stations to broadcast emergency information in audio format on their SAP channel and TextSpeak text to speech technology can help you remain compliant.

There are also guidelines for closed captioning and descriptive video and again TextSpeak can provide the necessary hardware to take text data and convert to high quality spoken voice in 25 different languages.


The National Weather Service is offering RSS feeds of severe weather watches, warnings, advisories, and other such dangerous weather related alerts.

The earBridge range of text to speech amplifiers can convert these RSS feeds to speech and feed into existing PA systems for providing a wide variety of alerts, including tornado warnings and severe weather notification for outside events, corporate facilities, public places and educational campuses.

Severe weather

Wide range of text to speech solutions for text data feeds

  • Convert RSS feeds to spoken words
  • Deploy warning systems in public areas connected directly to emergency alert services
  • Select from a wide range of amplifier systems and OEM modules and boards to exactly fit your requirements
  • Integrate high quality speech solutions into your system to satisfy the needs of the CVCC requirements
  • Enhance SCADA systems with voice alerts
  • Meet the needs of the ADA for the visually impaired