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Amazing solutions to Solve Mass Notification challenges

Text to Speech paging and audio amplifiers automate SMS and email announcements & deliver mass notification instructions to announce weather alerts and emergencies over audio to public areas on campus, at schools and in commercial buildings.

Command and control can instantly create and route SMS text ,email messages and multiple, simultaneous messaging to area (paging zones) delivering a combination of pre-recorded and real-time information. A common deployment today is university and school campus emergency lock-down systems where visual messaging (text and signage) must be supplemented with paging and voice instructions.

University Campus

Text to Speech is universally accepted as a delivery system for accurate, detailed information, spoken at a moments notice, available 24/7.

Convert in-house, deployments of scrolling LED displays, signs and signage directly to voice for Mass notification. Improve display emergency notifications, digital signage override, desktop alerting with text-to-speech voice annunciation over public address systems.

The earBridge TTS-EM-ENC1 amplifier can take RS-232 digital sign feeds and convert to audio speech, either sending to an existing PA or to its own speakers using the built-in 25W power amp.



Emergency Alert LED

Designed from the ground up to support security applications, TextSpeak meets the most demanding specifications.

  • Speech may be created from existing sources, such as feeds to scrolling LED digital signage, modems and low-bandwidth data links.
  • Informational alerts can be pre-programmed and started with the push of a button or launched remotely by automated systems.
  • Multi-lingual announcements can be easily generated, with precise accents, to speak directly to international travelers.
  • Audio messaging can be queued for sequential delivery. Real time text can be supplemented with pre-recorded messages, tones or even music.
  • Deployment is suited for buildings as well as public areas such as school campus and parking lots

TextSpeak’s Solutions

  • Add a VOICE to your EXISTING Mass Notification distribution system. Improve and expand your Ad-Hoc™, EverBridge™, Omnilert™ , Blackboard™ and Rave™ systems with earBridge™ Amplifiers.

  • Buy TextSpeak Notify! and use the world’s first and only COMPLETE Text to Speech Mass Notification system available today!

earbridge-ttsIntroducing earBridge™ Cellular Text to Speech System with Built-in Amplifier & Wireless Service for Security Alerts and Mass Notification. TextSpeak recently introduced TTS-EM-CE, the industry’s first cellular enabled text to speech amplifier.


EM-CE-L-FinalThis new addition to the earBridge™ family transfers SMS emergency cellular text messages directly to endpoint speakers and paging systems. Simply send an SMS message to the pre-assigned telephone number and the earBridge amplifier speaks the text. The system supports 25 languages and instantly converts text and data to a high definition, natural sounding voice.

earBridge-CE named ‘Judges Choice’ and ‘Best New Mass Notification Product’ at SIA’s 2016 New Product Showcase at ISCWest 2016. Read the press release.

textspeak-notify-logo-800TextSpeak Notify! is capable of triggering text and speech mass notifications and general announcements to multiple destinations. The system is fully scalable from a

TextSpeak Mass Notification and Alerting

single user with a smartphone or browser app, and single TextSpeak Device amplifier, to multiple destinations and users.

TextSpeak Notify! system includes a single Device and is available in 3 versions with Ethernet, Cellular or WiFi connectivity. TextSpeak Devices can be purchased on their own without the TextSpeak One-Box software suite and pendant, and upgraded to a full TextSpeak One-Box system at any time.