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TextSpeak, Leading Text to Speech embedded hardware and Speech Solutions.

Text to Speech board level products for Industry, OEM and integrators. Proven and cost effective, the TTS-EM text to speech module products are used worldwide. Models range from 3.3 volt low power TTS modules, suitable for Solar power design-ins, to 25 watt network capable products.

Features range depending on products
Each TTS Text to Speech module differs in the data input capability specific to each particular application. TextSpeak Text to Speech modules and amplifiers share a common set of features…

•• Line Output for feeding existing PA systems
• 9 concurrent Text to Speech Module (TTS) languages and 25 voices
• Highly integrated OS provides superior flexibility and support for remote upgrade and file transfers
• Seamless switching from TTS to/from user stored pre-recorded audio files using inline control codes
• User control from remote locations
• Flexible power options from 5 to 24 volts
• Ambient noise sensing
• User definable power regulation 2, 8 and 25 watt
• Flash based, with upgradable file transfer support and dictionary management

Text to Speech Synthesizer Languages supported: Arabic Chinese Czech Danish Dutch English (UK) English (US)
Finnish French (F) (B) (C) German Greek Japanese Korean Italian Norwegian Polish
Turkish Portuguese Russian Spanish (NA) (C) Swedish (Contact us for latest list)

Basic product description and keys: Embedded best in class,  text to speech hardware module product ,  TTS  semiconductor, module, embedded speech annunciations, IC integrated circuit, micro controller, module, embedded speech synthesis, speech, talking robot module, talking caller id, text-to-speech. Combo English TTS chip set accepts RS-232, PS-2 or SPI  text input. Low cost, unlimited vocabulary, designed for consumer, automotive and mobile OEM and vertical markets. Modules available. TextSpeak Series of  speech synthesizer IC chip module