TTS-EM-LP Low Power Module

TTS-EM-LP Low Power Module

High definition, world–language low power, best in class,
Text to Speech module Human sounding speech synthesis in a scalable low power interface. Seamless integration, simple operation.
Real-time voice announcements generated directly to
speakers from text in RS-232 serial data


A full featured EM module with 3.3 volt operation and sophisticated power management for low power and solar applications

  • Text to Speech targeted for battery and solar powered digital sign and security deployments
  • Ready to interface to cellular, serial or radio data streams
  • 3.3 volt operation, auto standby and resume. Includes onboard audio amplifier.
  • Over 24 international languages and voices supported.

The TTS-EM offers a complete Text to Speech platform with an integrated speaker amplifier. Typical deployments include signage to speech conversion, paging support and OEM industrial products. RS-232 connectivity offers simple setup, management and control using TX/RX serial streams. Text to Speech generation includes support for dictionary management, in-line control codes and dynamic language and voice switching

  • Text to Speech supports up to 9 concurrent TTS languages or gender voices. Choose from 24 voices.
  • Integrated amplifier supports single speakers and direct drive for paging system amplifiers
  • Highly integrated OS provides superior flexibility and support remote for upgrade capability
  • Supports seamless switching from TTS to/from user stored pre-recorded audio files
  • Integrated command and control language, provides complete user control from remote locations
  • Power management with 20mw low power standby and automatic wake-up on data detection
  • Dual supply option for 5v/2.5 w audio amp powering
  • Supports both RS-232 and TTL-LV I/O non-inverting levels
  • Flash based audio file transfer and dictionary management
  • Integrated commands support inline control of volume and language selection, on-the-fly
  • Simple integration into EXISTING products. No special programming required

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