High definition, world language best-in-class Text to Speech

Human sounding speech synthesis in an industrialized enclosure. Seamless integration, simple operation.
Real-time voice announcements generated directly to speakers from text in RS-232 serial data

  • Convert existing deployments of dynamic visual display data directly to voice.
  • Ready to interface to single endpoint speakers or large paging systems.
  • Over 20 international languages and voices supported.

The TTS-EM-ENC1 offers a complete Text to Speech platform with an integrated high definition 25 W audio paging amplifier. Sophisticated ambient noise detection optionally controls up to 20 db of volume automatically, meeting customer demands for clarity in environments with dynamic noise activity. Typical deployments include transportation centers, public places and industrial installations. RS-232 connectivity offers simple setup, management and control using TX/RX serial streams. Text to Speech generation includes support for dictionary management, in-line control codes and dynamic language and voice switching.

  • Text to Speech supports up to 9 concurrent TTS languages or gender voices. Choose from over 24 voices.
  • High Definition amplifier offers unparalleled intelligibility and direct drive for paging system speakers
  • Highly integrated OS provides superior flexibility and support for remote upgrade and file transfers
  • Seamless switching from TTS to/from user stored prerecorded audio files using inline control codes
  • Integrated command and control language provides complete user control from remote locations
  • Flexible power options permits powering from a wide voltage range of 9 to 24 volts
  • Ambient noise sensing uses speakers to simplify installs. LEDs and terminal report real-time noise levels and volume.
  • User definable power regulation permits 3, 8 and 25 watt operation to protect downstream speakers from overload
  • Flash based, with upgradeable file transfer support and dictionary management
  • Simple integration into EXISTING products. No special programming required.