Typed text directly to speech Designed for vocally impaired and speech limited persons of all ages
Designed for vocally impaired and speech limited persons of all ages

Affordable, powerful Easy – Speech Generating Device :

TextSpeak offers THE solution for AAC augmentative communication when you are looking for a simple yet powerful speech generation device. Perfect for speech impaired individuals, post operative patients, or as a health product solution for anyone who needs an affordable voice generation device that generates synthesized speech.


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Designed from the ground up to support transportation, the TTS-EM meets the most demanding specifications.

  • Speech may be created from existing sources, such as feeds to scrolling LED digital signage, modems and low-bandwidth data links.
  • Informational alerts can be pre-programmed and started with the push of a button or launched remotely by automated systems.
  • Moving vehicles can offer dynamic next-stop announcement information from existing display signage data, or dynamic radio data.
  • Multi-lingual announcements can be easily generated, with precise accents, to speak directly to international travelers.
  • Audio messaging can be queued for sequential delivery. Real time text can be supplemented with pre-recorded messages, tones or even music.
  • Deployment is suited for parking, platforms, trams, buses, gates, rail, marine and roadway systems.