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Our  Technologies

  • Worlds leader in High Definition Text to Speech products  

  • Automatics noise sensing adjusts volume automatically

  • Integrated high power amplifier features directly drive speakers

  • Unlimited vocabulary TTS announcement systems 

  •  24 royalty free languages available from stock



High Definition, Best 

Text to Speech for Passenger Information PIDS announcements

in Class Text to Speech

TextSpeak text to speech synthesis is nearly indistinguishable from human speech. Unlimited vocabulary offers simplicity. Phonetic corrections offer options for virtually perfect pronunciation.


Watch video demo  

 click here 
(US English, Susan)

Listen to 'HD' Text to Speech Samples  



Exclusive technology 

from TextSpeak®

Expertise, great products and patented technology has positioned TextSpeak as the world's leader in Embedded Text to Speech chip solutions. 

We've supported education, transit, industry and even NASA with Digital Acoustics® technology
 when they've sent our products into Space! 


Language switching 



Acela Express = Asella Express

ETA = estimated arrival time is

two-thirds =  t_h u1 T r=1 d z

(over 20 languages supported


and dictionary support

"On-the-fly", dynamic language switching

ex: French to German to English.

Simple to use Dictionary Support. 

Create lookups and phonetic conversion  in a standard text editor. Upload using

 the RS232 or Ethernet channel.


Intelligent Audio & I/O

Hardware options includes 25 Watt High Definition Audio Amplifiers,  powered from 7-24 volts. Speaker outputs use Automatic Ambient noise sensing with smart auto leveling to adjust volume automatically. Digital I/O offers control for signaling and keypad interfaces. 


Ethernet / Serial / USB 

Universal interfaces include Ethernet, Serial and USB for sending Text, uploading pre-recorded wave files, managing dictionaries and managing setup and  upgrades. USB simplifies setup and file transfer and allows flash drive access. 


Standby Modes

Special standby mode to support 

idle mode operation. 

Standby will reduce idle power  90% 

to just 25 mw (~ 6ma) benefiting

energy management for

 solar standby and battery operation.


File Management

Upload capability via the RS-232, USB Ethernet

Custom dictionary support for 

special words and phrases

Wave file management to tones 

or pre-recorded audio.

Product Version upgrades

Choose from flexible Products Families

"EN" Industrial Enclosures

"HD" Modules and OEM Boards

  • EM Technology

  • 22 Languages 

  • Ethernet/Serial

  • 25 Watt Amplifiers

  • Ready to go!

  • Low Power

  • 22 Languages

  • High Definition

  • Human Sounding

  • Ready to go!

TextSpeak TTS IC and Text to Speech Chips and Chip Synthesizer solutions

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Mass notification

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Assistive speech 

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