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Text to Speech for Emergency and Mass Notification over
 Ethernet and Radio links

TextSpeak offers a suite of APIs and other software applications supporting Text to Speech for safety and mass notification. Our products serve Fortune 100 companies and small business integrators. The case study outlined below is currently deployed as an early warning TTS Text to Speech notification system.


Text2Radio and I2Ear demonstrations are available on request

... more on i2Ear for Mass Notification here   details

Case Study: TTS Text to Speech to Radio software

Text2Radio™ communication system provides the ability for multiple PC stations (consoles) to communicate to a Server PC supporting Text-To Speech generation and route the speech , over Ethernet, to multiple radio transceivers.  Each PC console may specify a text message segments up to 1024 characters in length, the receiving radio identifier, and a priority for the message output. Ethernet and Fiber backbones route TTS text data to span wide areas, locally and/or worldwide. One case study deployment, using Motorola radios and PC Based Text To Speech is described below


  TTS Text2Radio Quick Start Guide


Sample Text2Radio Interconnect  

Sample Text2Radio Interface

... more on i2Ear for Mass Notification here   details

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Digital Acoustics Textspeak series; Leaders in Assistive Speech and Test To Speech Deployment. TextSpeak products interface with mass notification systems for security and safety incorporating. Text to Speech over Ethernet