TextSpeak Notify!, The industries ONLY All-In-One Mass Notification System offers a comprehensive solution with a ready to use portfolio of  mated products.

With a rise in potential emergency threats, retail stores,
office complexes, industrial facilities, commercial buildings
are faced with the task of providing emergency
response and notifications to associates, customers,
residents, and emergency services. While existing solutions
are available, in most cases they are complex, expensive
and rely on services from multiple vendors. Supporting legacy
systems also impedes development and innovation.
TextSpeak has approached mass notification with the goal of
providing simple and cost effective solutions that are easy to
install and use, yet provide reliable and effective protection.
Starting with a single out-of-box amplifier TextSpeak
NOTIFY! system it is possible to scale multiple amplifiers and
users to build larger more complex solutions that integrate
with existing security systems. Take control of your mass
notification needs now with TextSpeak NOTIFY!

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